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We've diligently worked on perfecting our emergency preparedness program, and the moment we've all been waiting for has arrived. We're thrilled to introduce our latest product, 'Practical Preparedness Roadmap in 1 Year.' We - The Positively Practical Network Team, are proud to offer a proven solution for individuals interested in promoting emergency preparedness products. We provide a generous 75% commission on the front end and an additional 50% on the rest of the funnel, potentially allowing you to earn over $115 in commission per customer.

We've equipped you with a comprehensive toolbox of promotional materials to simplify your promotion efforts. Simply copy, paste, and update these materials for use on your website, in your emails, on social media, and in blog posts. We've streamlined the process to ensure your success.

Our product is a 12-month journey towards emergency preparedness.

Preparedness Guide
Workbooks and Checklists
Specialized Resources
Specific assignments to help keep on track to preparedness

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Our sales funnel is straightforward and has a proven track record of conversion. Payments are securely processed, allowing your customers to pay through either PayPal or credit card.

Your customers also receive a 30-day guarantee and access to top-notch customer service. We handle all customer service inquiries in-house, allowing them to easily submit a ticket. Our commitment is to ensure your customers' satisfaction, whatever it takes.

We use raw links, ensuring that all the traffic you generate remains attributed to you. Our follow-up series of ads will guide your leads back, securing the sale that gets credited directly to you, our valued JV Partner.

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So... What exactly is

Practical Preparedness Roadmap in 1 Year?

Practical Preparedness Roadmap in 1 Year

Being Ready for Times of Emergency...

One step at a time.  Each month, for 12 months, we delve into a specific aspect of preparedness in-depth. Our aim is to demonstrate that preparedness need not feel overwhelming. It doesn't have to drain your children's college funds or demand all your time from work to bedtime.

We simply guide your audience on breaking things down one step at a time.

Here's a glimpse of some of the monthly topics:

Emergency and Medical Supplies
Survival Tools
Home Security
Spiritual and Emotional Preparedness
Financial Preparedness
And much more...

What's included?

Monthly e-Book covering preparedness topics in depth
Checklists and Workbooks
Specialized Resources
Specific assignments to help keep on track to preparedness

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We know your time is most valuable, so we've provided you with some promotional materials to save you both time and effort. Feel free to modify as needed, as you know your audience best and know what resonates best with them. We're providing solid foundational material for you to take and  "bedazzle". Your tweaking of the material will help provide that link to your audience that is sure to get the sale.  

Got more questions? Ask us...

Got more questions?
Ask us...

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We've got a fully staffed help desk. If you have any additional questions, help is just an email away. 

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