The terms shelter in place, shelter at home, or stay at home, are used by the government as part of community emergency preparedness.

That is to tell its citizen to stay safely at home, in the building, or car that they are already in.

Evacuating or running to a ‘safer’ place should not be done during this time. This is because of the presence of an immediate danger outside. An example of this threat is an active shooter, a wild animal on the loose, a bomb, or a pandemic.  

This, however, is usually the last resort of the government. Because imposing a stay-home will directly affect the economy.  

And this is something we must be seriously prepared for.  

So, when the need arises, we must have an emergency response preparation for the possibility of the next disaster. 


What to have in case of emergency of yet another shelter in place event? 

Since we’ve experienced the shelter at home already, which no one thinks we would experience in our lifetime, do you thinking we should be doing differently this time? 

Have an emergency supplies list. Stock up still with Drinking water, Energy barsCanned goodsDry foods like pasta and rice as priority. Add in as well your emergency drugs preparation such as TylenolVitamin CVitamin D, ZincCough medicine, Cold and flu medicine to stay healthy. Have ample stock of Face maskToilet paperIsopropyl Alcohol, Hand SanitizerDisinfectant cleaners, and Thermometers at home. 

Also, having a first aid kit, an emergency go-bag list and a survival kit will definitely go a long way. These are packed items that you can still use for other situations such as a self-quarantine or other national emergencies. So, don’t worry. Just be sure to check the expiration date especially of the medicines. 


When should you start getting the supplies above? 

As soon as possible.  Whether that is through online ordering or in-person shopping.  

Let us not make the same mistake of waiting to stock up the items above when everybody is also looking for these. 

Of course, we should avoid hoarding such items, so just make sure that you’ll have enough supplies for you and your family for 2 to 3 months. 

Once you see that the items above re-emerge in the supermarkets or online, start buying them. If you have a tight budget, just buy only the items you think are most important for you and your family. 

Are you mentally prepared for what is to come? 

Stay positive. Easier said than done. But since this is the situation is the new normal, we don’t have a choice, do we? 

Check our blog about mental health, which may help you to stay positive amidst the negativity we have right now. Keeping an active life even at home is possible. Consider having a cheap but functional home gym 

One of our survival blogs you should read which is beneficial especially if you have a family is “How to Keep it Sane with your Family when in a Lockdown“. We know how insane it can be in quarantine even though it’s in your own house with your family. It can bring anyone into a mental breakdown, even kids! So, we’ve prepared some activities you could do with them while staying at home. 


Do you have the financial means to survive staying at home? 

Not only should your body and mind be prepared for it. You must also take into great consideration how to prepare for a disaster on a budget 

Staying at home may mean a reduction in earnings. So, we have a very informative articlewhich can help you find other ways to survive. 

Because the reality is payables will still be there even during this type of unfortunate event. Learn ways on how you can pay your bills even during trying time 

Be sure to avail of online shopping deals when buying basic necessities. You may want to check out deals from RakutenHoney, and Instacart. 


Make sure you’ve got all you need to ensure a safe, secure, and enjoyable shelter at home whether alone or with your family.  

As long as you and/or your family are safe and healthy then there’s no reason why surviving the next shelter in place would be much of an ordeal.  

Remember, preparation is the key. 

Good luck and keep safe!  


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