Having an emergency preparation plan is key. 

Nations on many continents have had the first-hand experience of a pandemic in the past. 

Guidelines may vary a little, but generally, its purpose is the same – to contain the virus.  

Hand in hand, any pandemic can be controlled if we do our part and follow instructions correctly. 

What do you need during a lockdown? 

preparation of emergency drugs

  • Preparing for at least a 2-week food supply list as well as water, and medicine is prime.
  • Be sure to have preparation for emergency drugs such as cough, cold, and flu medicines, lozenges, first aid kit, and your existing maintenance medicines. Also, have vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system.
  • Since keeping good hygiene is important to combat viruses, may it be whether it’s an epidemic or worst, a pandemic, having cleaning supplies such as disinfectant spray, antibacterial soap, alcohol, and hand sanitizer should also be kept. Do not forget your personal hygiene supplies, too such as soap, feminine wash, shampoo and conditioner, lotion and skincare products, toothpaste, and deodorant.
  • Not everyone should wear a surgical mask. Because if this is the case, the supply will not be able to meet the demand. And those who badly need it may no longer have access.
    Follow your local government’s instructions for the wearing of face masks, but you should have enough for each member of your household to last a few weeks. There are several masks available in the market depending on the use. Find what’s suitable first before buying. Do some research. 
  • Stock up your pantry. Be sure to have enough food for a good 2 weeks. Better prepared than starved. Make sure to choose easy to cook, prepare, and consume food and drinks.  

Here is a sample of the emergency food preparation list.  

emergency preparation plan

If worse comes to worst, the government has no other way to control a pandemic but to lockdown the areas deemed as a threat to the world. 

And it shouldn’t cause panic. 

By getting plenty of rest, eating healthy so as to boost your immune system, you are doing your part in:

Protecting yourself against the virus

How to survive a pandemic apocalypse? 

If you are prepared, 2 weeks confined in your home will just be normal days and will pass by quickly.  

And by obeying what local officials indicate, the virus can be contained, treated, and stopped from spreading. 


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