In the previous blog, How to Avoid Christmas Holiday Hazards at Home, we enumerated a list of the different accidents you should watch out for to have a safe celebration.

If you haven’t read about it, you should check it out.

However, if you did, then continue reading the following fire and electricity-related dangers we need to avoid.


Overheating of Power Sockets Due to Overusing and Overkill


During the holidays, we love decorating our homes with flashing lights and lanterns, and most of them are consuming electricity overnight. Depending on the quality of the wires and other materials they are made of, this could lead to overheating of power sockets hazards due to overuse.



Try not to overload your electrical outlets as much as possible to avoid overheating. To protect your devices from electrical overload, use a high joule rating, premium surge protector, with filter banks, lifetime warranty and built-in diagnostic capability for your home and office electronics. It’s a must investment that your family needs.


Electrically-Induced Fire Due to Substandard Christmas Lights


Another disaster that may arise is an electrically-induced fire due to substandard Christmas lights and lanterns. To save from too many expenses, buyers often buy cheaper versions of Christmas decorations. However, we do not advise this, especially if you use such products overnight.



Most of the less expensive ones usually have wires that are undersized and insulations that are substandard. It’s not worth the risk. Decorate your home with durable and high-quality Christmas lights to avoid hazards. The money you saved in buying cheaper ones won’t compensate for the lives you will be risking.


Accidental Fire Due to Excess Wrapping Materials Which are Often Flammable


Properly dispose of the excess materials you will be using in wrapping those gifts you will be giving. Most of them are highly flammable and can potentially cause fire hazards when lit by a small match, a lighter, a candle, or burnt coal. Be cautious not only about where you put them but also about how you are working with them to keep away from danger.



To ensure that they won’t cause a fire, put them in a non-plastic, lightweight, odor-proof, comfortable, versatile, corrosion-resistant, rust-proof, easy to clean, hygienic, compact, fireproof trash bin. Not only will they be away from causing any house fires but will also keep you indoors free from the garbage smell.


Fires Due to Unattended Candles


Candles should never be left behind and forgotten. Put them in a place where they can’t cause fire hazards even when stumbled. Keep them out of children’s reach and away from all flammables, too. It is easier to watch out for possible sources of danger than to extinguish the results of not doing so, right?



If you want to include candles in your Christmas decorations, try to put them in a dishwasher-safe candle holder that will not tumble down easily when pushed. You’ll not only avoid a disastrous incident but will also make your room filled with an attractive golden light.


Electric Shocks Due to Fluid Spills


During holidays, food and drinks are plenty on the table. There’s a high risk that someone might trip and spill some fruit punch or juice on the Christmas lights, the sockets, or any electronics. This might cause shocks and sparks that could ignite an explosion. Be careful not to put drinks anywhere near to avoid electrocution hazards.


electric hazards


If you can’t change your extension cords to waterproof ones, or if you can’t place them in safer places, protect them with a versatile and water-resistant extension cord cover. You can reuse them after the holidays for your outdoor electrical connections too!


Burns from Cooking Accidents


The kitchen is not the safest place to be, especially for children, during the busiest time of preparing. Hot pans, stoves, microwave ovens, and more could cause burn hazards to your skin. Good food is never worth the risk so in preparing your loved ones’ favorite holiday dishes, be very careful.


burn hazards


If you want to prevent this danger from happening while still doing the holiday dishes you love, use a double-layered fireproof set of gloves. With this, no hot pan or pot will ever stop you from cooking safely.


Wildfire or Housefires from Firecrackers


We didn’t mention this in the previous blog so you can consider this as a bonus. However, this is probably one of the most important ones to mention. This is also a cause of fire hazards you never want your house to have.


firework hazards


Firework displays are attractive sights to see, but these beauties are actually beasts that cannot only take away some of your body parts when hit but can also burn your house down. To know more about how to deal with this potential hazard, watch a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to fireworks safety with information coming from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), and OSHA.


Don’t let your holiday fun be ruined by these fire and electricity hazards. Don’t just wait for them to come. Fight them with thoughtful preparation. Invest in things that will last longer for your family’s safety and be positively practical.

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