All-natural disasters like hurricane are deadly, that’s why they are referred to as disasters.

Unfortunately, some disasters come in pairs. Like Earthquake, if it happens under the sea, there’s a big chance that it’ll bring a Tsunami to the nearest land. 

So with Hurricane, it brings strong winds, storm surge flooding, and heavy rainfall especially if the category is high. This can lead to flooding, tornadoes, and rip currents.

Although this is one of the few disasters that can be detected and predicted early, still, this is not completely predictable as the storm may dramatically change its course and/or gain power.

Sometimes, aren’t as prepared as we’d like to be. For an instance, the weather news channel announces that a storm has changed its course and is heading straight to our area – and it’s a big one.

In this kind of life-threatening situation, people will surely line up at stores, amongst people who are panic-buying. It will take the course even if the local government orders everyone to take urgent emergency evacuation or be prepared for what may come worst.

And no matter how the news makes the headline scarier, there are still some people who will still wait to get prepared at the last minute.

So what should you do if you are one of those people who needs to buy last-minute emergency supplies for the coming hurricane?

Obviously, you can’t order online anymore because there’s no chance the products you ordered can reach you in time.

If you go to the nearest store, there’s a big chance that almost everything you need is out of stock already. So what are your other options?



If the store you went into is out of water already, there are still some other options. You can choose Soda, Sports drinks (like Gatorade), Juices (like Vegetable juice, Fruit juice), and the likes. They may not be healthy but they can keep you hydrated. Because as in any disaster situation, staying healthy is lower on the list of priorities compared to staying alive.

If you can’t get out anymore, be sure your taps are still running fine. So fill every container you have with tap water immediately so you and your family can have something to drink. Get whatever container you can find to hold water.

Get ziplock bags, too if you have any, fill them with water and freeze them while you still have electricity. While this can provide drinking water, the ice can also keep your food from spoiling if you experience long power outages.

Canned Goods

These are one of the items that will probably be bought up first. This makes sense because they can be heated up slightly or can be eaten cold out. If your desired canned goods are no longer available, look for other options. Noodle bowls just need boiling water, and any kind of bread, breakfast cereals, candies, chips, and granola bars are good substitutes.

Just get out there. Check every aisle and look for food that won’t spoil right away which your family could eat. Again, it’s not about being healthy anymore, but about staying alive amidst disaster.

Flashlights and Batteries

Hurricanes, especially the strong ones would definitely bring electricity down for a while. So make sure you have flashlights and batteries in your house. 

You may try to go to non-traditional stores like hardware, toy stores, automotive stores, corner stores like 7/11, electronic stores, or even drug stores if you are having trouble locating these items to buy.

If flashlights and batteries are no longer available, you can buy candles instead. This may not be the safest option, but it’s better to have one than to sit in the dark. You can try to buy scented candles, decorative jar candles, or even headlamps.


The good thing about hurricanes, they don’t stay long in one area, they just pass through. Although the destruction it brings is pretty huge, it will only be several hours till it’s over.

Once it’s over, think of all the things you forgot to obtain.  Make a list and start buying those things now, so that when the next hurricane occurs, you’ll be prepared.


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