Understanding the issue should be the primary concern, know your enemy, as they say. Only then will you know all the threats so you may start working on how to prevent them from happening. The big question now is, between an epidemic and a pandemic, which of the two should we be more afraid of?

When the Coronavirus, officially named COVID-19, emerged in early 2020,  the information available on the internet, particularly on social media platforms, was causing people to overreact and panic instead of being prepared and shielding themselves from it.  

If you are among those who are still clueless on what to do should there be an announcement that a virus has spread to your area or worst, a lockdown is implemented at your place, then you ought to read “How Prepared Are You When A Lockdown Becomes A Must?” to be guided accordingly. 

Let’s face it when we panic we tend to lose our focus. This will cause more chaos in the future. 



What is an Epidemic? 

It is the sudden increase in the number of cases of a particular disease. It should be more than what’s expected in a specific area

An example of an epidemic is the emergence of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in 2003 causing the death of around 800 people around the world. 


What is Pandemic?

It is an epidemic that has unfortunately affected a large number of people and has spread over countries or continents

Pandemic diseases took millions of people’s lives. Some of which includes COVID-19, HIV or AIDS, and different type of influenza.

Understanding the difference between the epidemic and pandemic we can see that the latter is the more serious threat here.

A pandemic outbreak can cause economic and social disruption.  Some of which are illnesses and worker absenteeism.

Especially, if it affects the key services such as those in line with transportation, communication, or power.

For a more thorough discussion on the pandemic outbreak, you may want to read this article, When A Global Pandemic is Right Around the Corner.

Instead of panicking, try preparing

The only thing that can save us is if we have foreseen the possibility of that worst-case scenario is if we have prepared for it. 

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