In the midst of chaos, can you still stay calm and think straight?

In our everyday lives, what we do becomes a routine, that we’re so comfortable with it and we tend to ignore preparing for something unexpected.

News about the upcoming hurricane, the unexpected earthquake, tsunamis, tornadoes, terrorist attacks, and people who suffer from epidemics like Flu or Ebola, or Coronavirus. These are news that we watched, but just watched and never really cared to think about what must be done if that happens to us.

So if one day you wake up and everyone around you has gone crazy, will you stay calm?

We bet not.

Because when one person panics, everyone else also panics!

The so-called domino effect.

Especially with social media, they sensualize the news making it worse than what actually happened or happening.

These are people whose job is to create panic. 

Some unverified posts will be shared thousands of times, making people believe right away, making the fake news spread 10,000 times faster than any virus!

So when there is no preparation beforehand, the situation will be pretty chaotic.

Because panic is always equal to chaos. 

And chaos always results in the loss of lives and property.

Decision-making is jeopardized, what others are doing will influence your decisions.

So if one fails, everybody fails.

Because when disaster comes and you’re not ready, you will be caught in the chaos. 

Believe us, bringing your sanity back is harder than you think when people around you are hysterical.

So how can we stay calm in the midst of chaos?

The answer will always be the same. 


  • Prepare for unimaginable events and unexpected chaos.
  • Having at least a go-bag ready won’t hurt. It’s a basic emergency kit every household should have.

With the news that there is an outbreak in your area or a strong hurricane coming, people are going to run to supermarkets or loot goods.

Not a pretty picture.

People who are really going to need the supplies won’t be able to obtain any.

Online goods will be out of stock too and there will be an incredible increase in price because of supply and demand.

So if you already have a go-bag, you don’t have to drop everything just to run to the nearest supermarket to buy something for your family. 

Chaotic situations will probably be the new normal, but instead of being hysterical, you already have a head start.

Thus, you can think of the next step in planning how to survive with your family. 

With this in mind, we’re sure of one thing.

No matter what disaster comes, you won’t need to panic and can avoid a lot of the insuring chaos around you.

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