For the past few decades, natural disasters have been occurring around the world at a very alarming rate.

Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives or loved ones – from earthquakes and tsunamis that demolished whole cities; volcanic eruptions and raging wildfires that burnt every inch of thousands of acres; or storms that caused mass flooding, all are a tragic reminder of how natural disasters’ impact can be merciless and immeasurable.

If we check our history, some of the natural disasters have almost ended the world or wiped out one-third of humanity…

Frightening isn’t it?

No one knows when will the world end but once natural disasters strike, it seems like it’s already happening little by little.

So the question is, how prepared are you should a natural disaster happen?

  • Are you certain that you are prepared before a disaster takes place? How about its aftermath?
  • Are you just relying on the technology we have and from the government and some private sector help?
  • What if an earthquake occurred today? Are you just gonna wait for someone to come and help you and your family?
  • If you are in a place where there aren’t any rescuers that can come and help you immediately, how are you going to survive?
  • What if electricity was heavily damaged or even a cell site tower? How are you going to call for help?
  • Because if that scenario happens, no matter how our technology is advanced, there is a possibility that it’s just you and your family.

Your neighbor won’t be much of help either as the possibilities are that they are also busy surviving the disaster themselves!

If that time comes, going back to “basic living” is the only means to survive the aftermath – when electricity isn’t available yet.

Because if no electricity – no technology! Therefore, nothing can be used to survive while waiting for help.

Ever wonder how our ancestors survived a natural disaster without electricity?

How do they manage to store and eat food without refrigeration?

Let us go back to the time of our ancestors’ daily living to what we call survival skills nowadays!

Grab this survival book that we’ve found and unearthed the forgotten ways of our ancestors that will prepare you on how to deal with worst-case scenarios with the minimum amount of resources just like when our forefathers were independent of electricity.

This is not just any ordinary book that can just be found on the internet. The information here was documented by real people who actually experienced them in the past – our ancestors!

Preserve the lost ways and pass them on to your kids. We never know when will we are going to need this. The only thing we are certain of is that nothing can stop natural disasters from occurring. And if that happens, we want to have an edge in facing these disasters when they occur. But with the right information and preparation, we can each be ready and prepared.

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