The pandemic COVID-19 has killed hundreds of thousands of people around the globe in just a span of a few months and millions have been infected. 

Unfortunately, it is not only human lives that were killed, but also the economy around the globe. The longer the lockdowns were imposed on several countries, the greater the impact on how it crippled the economy.

And as we go through multiple dial backs on industries and services that are available, the economy continues to slide deeper into recession.  

Although human lives are more important than anything else, facing the pandemic’s aftermath is putting human lives at stake still. 

As the pandemic crippled small and big businesses because people couldn’t go to work, we are now fully receiving its negative impact – the economic crisis which has a lead to recession. 

And as our economies fall, hundreds of thousands of people face layoffs which of course affect everything like children’s education, social activities, living arrangements, etc. 

All this is known as the “domino-effect”. 

So how are we going to face and survive a potential recession if you’re one of those who lost your job? 

Below are some of the jobs and careers you may want to consider as a substitute for your job or as an additional source of income in the event of global recession:  

  • Healthcare Worker 

In these trying times, many people need more health services than usual. Having an adequate number of health workers is needed to cope up with the current COVID-19 pandemic situation as well as the existing health conditions that arise due to stress induced by the recession. 

  •  Online Educator / Tutor 

 People still want the best education for their children even in poor economic decline. Online tutorial services, learning centers are in-demand. 

  • Internet Marketer  

 With the ever-increasing internet accessibility, business opportunities for webpreneurs are increasing. For those with a passion for it, there’s no limit to how much they can earn because the demand for more clicks, more leads, and more revenue is endless. 

internet marketing

Here are some sites and blog posts about getting acquainted with web traffic optimization and money-making opportunities.

  • Virtual assistant 

 Another viable job that has resulted from the usage of the internet is the virtual assistant. If your forte is administrative and organizational activities this job is for you. 

  •  E-Commerce & Delivery Staff 

Online selling of products and foods are a thrive given the COVID-19 pandemic situation where physical distancing and staying at home are a must. Many people prefer not to shop. It’s very easy since it is very convenient and it can be delivered right through your doorstep. 

  • Accountant 

 You’d be wrong to believe that during the recession, business owners and high-income earners do not need the help of an accountant when managing their returns, but in fact, it’s the opposite. When they are suffering a decline in the business, they are needing an expert to carefully manage the in and out movement in their funds. 

  •  Investment Adviser 

Expert opinions are being consulted in terms of taking a risk in investing. The money invested during a recession has a possibility of doubling up when the economy recovers or the other way around – becomes zero. Either way, it’s gambling. So before taking a risk, experts are being consulted by investors. 

  •  Undertakers 

Where death is inevitable considering the deaths associated with the pandemic, cremation services, making caskets and coffins, designing epitaphic tombstones are also in need. 

COVID-19 pandemic situation shifted the economy in ways we don’t fully understand yet. In uncertain times such as this, being knowledgeable, flexible, and vigilant is very important. 

Now maybe the perfect moment to switch careers, boost your income, and even protect your job and appreciate it more. 

It pays to know more about what other jobs, industries, and skills are currently in-demand given the current situation, so you’ll be able to easily plan and adapt your next move to prepare your family’s future especially now that the world is facing a global economic decline and a recession. 

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