We are at our best when our mind, body, and spirit are on par with each other. 

When there are natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, or hurricanes, expect electricity to be cut off for the safety of the people. Because if not, faulty lines may result in fire or for someone to be electrified. 

In the event of price hikes of basic commodities like oil, rice, and sugar, people usually rally in busy locations. As such, be prepared for traffic jams. 

During holidays, public and private establishments are closed. Some shopping malls and commercial shops operate on adjusted hours. That’s why doing your Christmas shopping early and paying bills beforehand are important. 

Right planning is the key to adapt to unfortunate events such as disasters, setbacks, and emergencies.

But when there’s a lockdown due to a pandemic outbreak, it’s another story.

Public transport during this time will be in minimal service or completely shut down. Usually, private cars are allowed provided it meets the requirements set by the lockdown memorandum of the local authorities. Supermarkets and convenience stores are close for the reasons they ran out of goods to sell or are afraid to be infected by the virus should they remain open to the public.

How then can you survive during this time? 

Let’s face it, no one can be too prepared for an emergency especially if it’s as serious as a pandemic threat like the COVID-19 which currently has no cure 

But we can’t just do nothing. Ours and our loved ones’ lives are at stake here. The whole nation actually is. We ought to survive for the next generation to learn from us. 

Below are ways on how to thrive during such a trying time.

Be Healthy. 

As what every flight attendants would often say in case of an emergency landing, passengers are advised to put on their oxygen masks first before helping others. In short, we have the responsibility to practice self-care, especially during an outbreak. In keeping yourself healthy, you lessen the possibility of being sick and being a carrier of the virus to others.

When there is limited food on the table, eating healthy can be compromised. Don’t dwell on that too much. There are still many ways to take care of yourself such as taking vitamins (C, D, Zinc), having enough sleep, staying active, and practicing social distancing. 

Be Connected.

Staying at home doesn’t mean you should isolate yourself from the world totally. Be aware of what’s happening by following news and developments (CNN, CDC)  and medical sources (HSE and WHO) to be updated. 

Do allow the tension of everyone being at home. Use the opportunity of togetherness to reconnect and strengthen relationships within the family.

Also, communicate with relatives, friends, and/or colleagues who you haven’t heard from in a while or those who are likely to be experiencing lockdown as well via video call. You may exchange tips on what dish to cook, or exchange notes on what movie to watch.

Be Creative & Productive.

If you are with children, encourage them to keep a “COVID-19 diary”, in which they can document their experience through writing or art. 

Facilitate creative play ideas, like setting up an obstacle course in the backyard where both adults and children can join. Doing some jumping jacks, running upstairs or playing basketball and soccer if you have space are also fun and will surely tire them up. There are more fun activities to do as a family at home. You just have to use your imagination.

For adults, it’s the best time to work on the long-avoided chores like repairing tasks. Rearranging and reorganizing your room or better yet, your house will consume a lot of your time. And right now, you have the luxury of time. So go for it! Unleash the Marie Kondo in you. 

Be Positive.

Although this is the least we can do during unprecedented times, looking at the bright side will help uplift morale. It will encourage you to stay healthy, active, and become a ball of sunshine to someone who needs it the most. 

Share inspiration quotes to your group chat. Post uplifting bible verse. Be an instrument of positivity. Make it a little more comfortable for people around you to smile or even laugh a little.  

Remember, ‘this, too, shall pass’.

Finally, obey the rules. 

A lockdown is the last result of the nation. Declaring such will definitely paralyze and affect the economy. 

Understanding the seriousness of this word is what everyone at stake should be doing. In doing so, the sacrifices of the businesses to shut down and medical health personnel to remain in the frontline of combatting covid19 will not be put to waste. 



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